Pennine Brewing Co Cellar Tips

Task Reason for Task
Ensure the cask is in the cellar within 1 hour of delivery.



The optimum temperature of the cellar is between 11c – 13c.  Too warm and the beer becomes over-conditioned.  Too cold and it lacks condition and may cause a chill haze.



Place cask on rack and leave to stand for no more than 6 hours. (ideally between 2 and 6 hours).


This allows the cask to reach the cellar temperature and to activate the finings to achieve a bright, clear pint.

Using a sterile implement, tap and spile the cask and insert a soft peg. Check the soft peg regularly as it may be necessary to replace it if it becomes blocked.


This is allowing the beer to condition which is a key factor towards the quality process.  It also helps the clarification process.


Allow 24 – 48 hours to pass before replacing the soft peg with a hard peg.



Once the beer has settled and the soft peg has been replaced with a hard peg. The cask beer is ready to serve.


If hard pegged it can be quite beneficial for the beer to stand for 5 days to reach its peak condition.



Tap casks 24-48 hours before you intend to sell them and always use a clean tap.


This eliminates the opportunity for micro-organisms to spoil the beer.



Sample the ale for clarity, aroma and taste after tapping and before connecting the cask to the beer lines.


Pulling through to the bar wastes beer and if the beer isn’t ready.



Please ensure your line is cleaned prior to pulling through the product.


Dirty lines can seriously affect the quality of the beer and reduce its shelf life considerably.


Replacing your hard peg with a soft peg and pull through your Pennine pint!



Replace the hard peg into the cask at the end of each shift to help keep the beer in its prime condition and maximise its shelf life and your profit margin!

Gently tilt the cask when it’s between 1/2 and 2/3 full, either by raising the back or lowering the front.  About 3 inches either way should be sufficient.  


Tilting the cask too far or too quickly could disturb the sediment, risking hazy beer.




Clean beer lines and equipment every 5 – 7 days.



One of the most important factors in high quality cask ales is the cleanliness of the dispense equipment. Dirty systems not only harm the taste and clarity of the beer, they can also cause malfunctioning and uncontrollable fobbing.


Real Ale is best sold within 3 – 5 days.

Following our tips will ensure you get a perfect pint of Pennine cask ale!

Please feel free to contact Pennine Brewing Co for any further tips, advice or information regarding our beer and quality    “We are here to help”

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