Our Range of Ales

Our range of ales contains a selection of ever-present, much-loved beers, also some seasonal and one-off ales too.  All beers are handcrafted at our microbrewery in Well (between Bedale & Masham in North Yorkshire). To help you discover your new favourite ale, we’ve added some descriptive words below – but we want you to choose your own, too… order a pint in a good pub near you soon!

Rocket Fuel

Our appropriately named golden ale and brewed for Bonfire night.

4.8 % GOLDEN

Taste: Mellow Bitterness followed by a lime and pine-nut aftertaste.

Seasonal Ale – Available November 2019 while stocks last!


Our Northland………..The Pennines


 Taste: Burnt coffee and chocolate followed by a big citrus punch.

Seasonal Ale – Available November and Decemnber 2019 while stocks last!


Chocolate and Orange Stout

4.4%  STOUT

Taste:  Everyone’s favourite combination of chocolate and orange come together in this easy drinking but full flavoured dark beer.

Seasonal Ale – Available November and December 2019 while stocks last!

Five Gold Rings

Our ale specifically brewed to celebrate Christmas.  The tradition of brewing special ales for winter predates Christmas itself.  For centuries, European monasteries celebrated Christmas with Prima Melior—the special reserve, which literally translates “the best.”

4.2 %  GOLDEN

Taste: Light and refreshing.  Spicy blackcurrant bitterness with a mild sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

Seasonal Ale – Available November and December 2019 while stocks last!

2020 Happy New Year

Available in December 2019.

Our celebration ale, Specially crafted to see in The New Year

4.0 % GOLDEN  

Look: Golden

Taste: Hopped using a blend of Goldings and Columbus which gives this light easy drinking golden bitter with a refreshing spicy orange burst of flavour.