Blonde Beers

C 2 C

Available May and June 2018

Wainwrights Coast to Coast crosses The Pennine Way at Keld

4.3%   IPA

 Taste: A light golden IPA lightly hopped with a dry but refreshing aftertaste.


Misty Morning

Available in January 2018.

A light blonde ale, perfect easy drinking for the month of January

3.7%    BLONDE

 Look: Blonde

 Taste: A sparkling refreshing blonde.  A bitter earthy hop followed by a subtle spicy orange aroma and aftertaste 

Mad March

Available in March 2018

Excitable and unpredictable!

3.8%    BLONDE

Look: A Blonde Ale

Taste: This ale has soft malt flavours and a delicate honey taste together with a herbal aroma.

Millie George

Available for Spring and Summer 2018.

Named after our 4 year old daughter, our blonde with attitude



A refreshing ale with a mellow bitterness.  Brewed using English Marris Otter barley and flavoured with a fruity hop.  A real thirst quencher

Roaring Ale

Available June 2018

Our ale for the world cup!  Come on England!!


 Look: A Blonde Ale

Taste: A sparkling refreshing blonde with a tropical fruit palette and a dry slightly sweet aftertaste


Available in July 2018.

This has been specifically brewed to celebrate the Wimbledon Tennis Championships which will take place Monday 2nd – Sunday 15th July 2018.

4.0%   PALE

 Look: Light pale ale

 Taste: An all English pale ale.  Brewed using the finest barley enhanced with the best English hops, giving this sparking pale ale a slightly dry but refreshing taste.


Brewed with Passion

Available in August 2018.

Our head brewer has specially brewed this fruit creation.  Perfect drinking on a sunny day!


 Look: A Blonde Ale

 Taste:  A blonde ale using First Gold to give a light orange spicy flavour, which is enhanced by including a hint of passion fruit to produce this seasonal beer.

Ale Storm

Available in September 2018.

Named after our resident Brewery Black Lab “Hail”. Hail is a real character; unique and individual like our craft ales! We wanted to name a seasonal ale after him as he is a big part of the team!


Look: Blonde Ale

 Taste: A blonde beer using the highly robust Maris Otter Barley as a base.  Hopped to produce a good earth platform which has a subtly sweeter honey taste than a bitter with a hint of pepper and spice. Coupled with a slight pine/floral aroma to create a perfect ‘Ale’ Storm.

Real Blonde

Available all year round.

This award-winning ale (Dales Food Festival 2013) uses a hop back to create an extremely well balanced beer, filled with the taste of fruit, together with a complementary slight bitterness. Its bright, golden appearance is combined with its hops.


Bright, Pale Gold

Not your typical blonde which is finally balanced in hops and natural sugars that combine to add a fruity aftertaste.

Hoppy and oranges

Bitterness (1-5)

Sweetness (1-5)

Hair of the Dog

Available all year round.

Our best seller!  A refreshing dark blonde ale.

Silver medal at the SIBA Cask Beer Competition 2016. Regional winner in the Standard Bitters and Pale Ales Category  



 Dark Blonde beer

A bright sparkling blonde with a delicate roasted caramel flavour and a smooth sweet refreshing aftertaste.